Winter Lighting Trends ’22

winter lighting trends


Winter lighting trends are closely following furniture design, sleek curves and soft line pieces played a big part in furniture design this year, why not bring curves to your outdoor lighting and create an inviting wash of light down your paths and driveway, opt for a warm white LED to really give that welcoming vibe!

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Sculptured table lamps are big this season, doubling up as an interesting focal point particularly in the living room, go bold with a block colour shade or stay neutral to really draw the eye to interesting bases, splash out on silk to grab that contrast between glaze and fabric.

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Lighting isn’t just functional, it’s a room maker or breaker. Choose statement pendants to really grab the eye and show off your personality. Art deco and luxe glamour are all the rage right now, so let your eye for design go wild! Pick something in gold or brass to really make that statement.

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Table Lamps

Texture, texture, texture

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Multi-level statement

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Creating visual effects with lighting

Layering multi-tier pendants with stunning table lamps on different level surfaces is the focus of winter lighting trends, creating that statement you are looking for and allowing the room to adjust to any activity with the flick of a switch. Using layers of light creates swathes of shadows and light aiding the tansition from the chaos of the day into the calmness of the evening by bringing light down to a cosy and comfortable level.

Making statements and layering light doesn’t stop with table lamps and pendants. Adding wall lights to the room, choosing either a statement piece again or something more subtle such as a ceramic wall wash, and allowing the light to be the feature creates its own dynamic mood for the room. Choosing designs that incorporate curves or sculpturesque features will keep your space on trend.

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